Oak Rise Farm, LLC 2017 Dressage Series

371 Shirley Hill Road Goffstown NH 03045

 (603)533-4939 oakrise@comcast.net  www.oakrisefarm.com 


May 14   June 11   July 23   Aug 13   Sept 10

                                                            Closing:  Sunday before show





1.   2015 Leadline Intro A or B __________                                            9.  2015 Training Level Test 1

2.   2017 Western Dressage Intro Test #(s) _____________ 10.  2015 Training Level Test 2

3.   2017 Western Dressage Basic Level Test #(s)________ 11.  2015 Training Level Test 3

4.   2017 Western Dressage Level 1Test #(s ) ___________ 12.  2015 First Level Test 1

5.               2017 Western Dressage Level 2 Test #(s ) __________ 13.  2015 First Level Test 2

6.   2015 Intro Test A                                                       14.  2015 First Level Test 3

7.   2015 Intro Test B                                                        15.  2015 Second Level Test of Choice_______

  8.  2015 Intro Test C                                                        16.  2015 Third Level Test of Choice ________



            Under NH law a participant in equine activities assumes the risk of any injury, harm, damage, or death and any legal responsibility that may occur to participant from the inherent risks associated with equine activities.

Pursuant to R.S.A. 508:19 Equine professionals are not liable for damages resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.

I/We hold harmless Oak Rise Farm, LLC, its managers, members, volunteers, and agents from and against all claims, demands, actions, and causes of action for damages that may be sustained by those indicated on the entry form or anyone else, including any and all claims arising from Oak Rise Farm, LLC or its agentsí own negligence. This includes personal injury, death, or property damage.


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$30.00 per test  

Please make checks payable to Oak Rise Farm, LLC

Note: Entries must be received 7 days prior to show date.  Late entries accepted only if space available, must include $10.00 office fee. No refunds after closing date. Management reserves the right to cancel or combine classes.


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Dressage Rules